About Carol

carol_headshot2Carol Gometz, Professional Organizer

Carol has had a lifelong love for organizing.

As a young person she always had her room neat and tidy, her homework done and turned in on time, and practiced and prepared for her extracurricular activities.

As she got married and started a family, being organized became essential to maintaining a busy household and her life as a wife with three young children.In her corporate career she was naturally attracted to positions that required a high level of organizing skills; in the healthcare field as administrative assistant and office manager and in information technology as business analyst and project manager.

Friends and family always encouraged her to consider a career in professional organizing, but it wasn’t until years later that she realized she had a true talent for it.


She is passionate about helping others by making their spaces more organized and efficient in a way that fits their individual needs.

Carol is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.