Home Organizing

NookNeatnessOrganize, streamline, and systematize your home

Feeling overwhelmed? Carol can transform your home into an organized, attractive, functional space – one that you’ll be happy to be in!

Her customized services fit your needs, budget and style. She listens to help create simple systems so you can:

  • Quickly get organized and stay organized
  • Feel calmer, lighter and more energized
  • Find what you need, when you need it
  • Enjoy greater productivity and more free time

Home organizing services
Carol has helped clients tackle a wide variety of home organizing projects. She works with you on-site in your home, leading the process every step of the way.   [ Read more... ]

Get control over paper and information
Carol can help you sort through the important information and develop streamlined systems so you can stay on top it.  [ Read more... ]

Have more time and simplify your systems
Carol develops customized, simple systems that save you time and effort.  [ Read more... ]

Make life transitions easier
She’ll make sure your space and systems reflect your new needs and priorities.  [ Read more... ]

Carol’s approach to home organization
Carol understands that there are many reasons people need help getting organized.  [ Read more... ]

Carol’s rates for home organizing:

  • $50 per hour *
  • 1 hour consultation
  • Minimum 3 hours of organizing services
  • Personal checks and all major credit cards are accepted

*Receive 10% off with her 10-hour package or 20% off with her 20-hour package

Email or call 913-735-7295 to discuss your situation free of charge to see how she can help.