How Carol works: The Organizing Process

GettingStartedCarol’s services are customized for each client, but this is the overall process:

  1. Discuss your goals and do an assessment of your space. There’s nothing you need to do ahead of time; seeing your space in it’s current state helps her see how it is and isn’t working for you.
  2. Decide where to start based on what’s most concerning to you and where the biggest impact can be made.
  3. Set a time that works best with your schedule to start. The project can be done all in one session, or divided into multiple sessions over several days or weeks.
  4. Sessions go more quickly when she works with you, but she can do a lot of work without you being present.
  5. She will recommend organizing products and other items to enhance your space, but most of the time she can use items you already have on hand.
  6. She will follow-up at agreed upon intervals to ensure the organization systems we implemented are working well for you

Email or call 913-735-7295 to discuss your situation to see how she can help.

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