Office organization: Carol’s approach

BusinessNeatnessCarol has helped clients at small and large companies be more organized and productive. She also has over 15 years of corporate work experience in positions such as administrative assistant, office manager, business analysis and project management.

Carol takes a customized approach to office organization. There is no one system, product or device that works for everyone. If you’ve bought books by best-selling productivity gurus and found that you can’t apply their advice to your work situation, you are not alone!

She starts by analyzing your space, your responsibilities and priorities, your goals, and your work style and habits.

She first looks at what’s working for you, and build on that. This enables us to quickly create systems that will work with your strengths and be easy to implement. Carol knows that you’re busy and have better things to do than organize your office, so she works fast! (She also know that investing in getting organized will quickly yield tremendous returns.)

She works with you hands-on in your office, guiding the process every step of the way. She’s different from consultants who will leave you with a slick report but don’t help you implement it or coaches who work remotely but never see your space.

She rolls up her sleeves, re-organizes files, clears clutter, determines the best products for you, develops systems, analyzes how you’re spending your time, and even sits by your side and deal with e-mail.

Email or call 913-735-7295 for a complimentary consultation to discuss your situation.

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